Developing a customized wealth management plan on your own can be complicated.

That's where we come in.

Our process analyzes five key areas
of focus by:

Discovering what you currently

Understanding what you objectively need, and

Uncovering what you want

We call it Wealth by Design

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The D&G Barrow/Lane Wealth Management Group is committed to helping
our clients plan for their future and pursue their long-term goals. As a close-knit team,
we believe that wealth planning is more than just spreadsheets and crunching numbers, but
rather a combination of our clients' wants, needs, and desires.  To truly gain an understanding
of your unique situation, we employ our exclusive process called
 Wealth By Design. 
This process is used to develop customized wealth management plans designed to capture
a clear picture of the big financial decisions we all face and address them appropriately.  


George H. Barrow
 Vice President/Investments

Christopher H. Lane, CFP®CRPC®AIF®
Vice President/Investments

David C. Barrow III
Senior Vice President/Investments

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